Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bar Review

Bad news: the bar review sucks!

Good news: my Coachella journal is finally updated!

I'm still waiting on the GNR photos, but those will be up eventually. The show went great, as expected. Izzy Stradlin made an appearance for a few songs. Also, Sebastian Bach came out for two songs and Kid Rock sang "Night Train" with Axl. Thankfully, they played my favorite gnr song, "Rocket Queen" - which is in my top 5 tracks of all time. Thank you, Axl!!! I almost forgive you for the Philly riot...almost.

Africa was unbelievable. I wish I was still away. I'm waiting to write more, because I want to post pictures...but I really should be studying now. I promised Becks that I'd get some photos up before she left Cape Town, so I'll have at least the photos of her bungie jumping by the end of the week.