Friday, May 11, 2007


I could start this off with what has become my normal introduction (i.e., been busy, haven't blogged, but I promise...yada yada). Of course, it is all true. But it's been a fun few least somewhat. Besides my constant job searching, I spent a lot of February/March putting together an unbelievable excursion out to Coachella and the past few months planning what I hope will be an incredible wedding. In addition, I do have a lot of stuff that I've been meaning to put down - Coachella, Philly Film Festival, and a grip of the normal stuff (bad ass bands and films). So, yes, the same sort of beginning - I couldn't help myself.

I just finished watching this flick, Lantana. I don't remember how I heard of it, which happens frequently with my DVR. Basically, I wake up in the morning with a new movie or two. A few months later, I'll actually watch one of them and have no idea how I found it.

Anyway, it is a fantastic movie. I would say it falls somewhere between cop/crime flick and ensemble drama. I believe its Aussie, but stars the incredible Anthony LaPaglia. I've never really noticed LaPaglia's skills before, but he really impressed me in this one.

The movie, from 2001, starts out as an intriguing character study, but seamlessly blends into a mystery surrounding a missing woman and the cop (LaPaglia) who is trying to solve the case. While it is certainly moody (which can sometimes slow a flick down) this film has enough twists to keep you interested. What makes Lantana stand out above your average movie is that the plot twists are realistic yet completely unpredictable. At the same time, the twists are subtle and not those huge bombshells that are so often laced throughout these films.

By the way, I have no idea where the title comes from...maybe I missed something. Anyone out there seen this one and/or has a clue?

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